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Easier Ways to War

Comments 2 By UK MannyMan in SITE UPDATE on Wednesday 08 September @ 06:10

Site News

It is now possible for people to find a war quick and easy on our very own site, so if are looking for a war simply click the "IRC" tab in the navigation bar above and it will lead you to an IRC connection window. Then simply give yourself a nickname and input the channel you would wish to join.

Please use it responsibly and in a mature manner.
If you have any problems please let me know.

Enjoy your war Smile

Set your -TT- tag in CS:S

Comments 0 By UK pandaking in ALL TT MEMBER'S on Saturday 24 July @ 02:10

With the latest update comes new clan tag features. This works by using the tag set by a steam group you belong to. This nice feature then puts your tag in the game for you, and means you can have your own name in your steam friends list, and different clan tags in other games etc.

Make sure to take your tag off your steam friends name, and instead set it in Counter-Strike:Source. To do this simply:
Open up CS:S -> Click "options" -> "multiplayer" -> "advanced" and in the drop down box select the "Tricky's Troops (-TT-)" group.

You will now have your tag set in game, and I think you get some achievements for playing games with this feature configured correctly. Smile

Whoop whoop!